Sally Rae Crosby

By :  Susan E. Davis-Carr
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About the Book

This is the story of a woman who won $500 million and quickly realized she was without true friendship and the love of her parents. She changed her name to Sally Rae Crosby, moved away, and began her new life. In a poignant story full of unexpected surprises and hints of mystery, Sally Rae Crosby finds friendship and love from others, and she proves her ability to give love and friendship in return.

About the Author

Susan E. Davis-Carr is a retired Hearing Aid Specialist. In that role, she worked with elderly patients who had lots of stories to tell about their lives. Davis-Carr enjoyed hearing these stories so much, she decided to create a story that others may want to read about. Additionally, Davis-Carr donated many handmade items for those that needed them. She gets great pleasure from giving, so her gift today is this story for you to enjoy.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 120