Sailing With Paros: Our Beautiful World

By Yaeko Koizumi Knaus
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When sailing, one can immensely enjoy watching the changing of the beautiful sceneries and take an interest in the animals seen along the way. However, sailors are now faced with the devastating pollution and damages done to our rivers, bays, and waters. Sailing With Paros: Our Beautiful World presents a desperate plea for help in preserving our earth’s sacred ecosystems.

About the Author

Yaeko Koizumi Knaus was born and raised in Japan. Her love of learning different languages, especially English, brought her to come to study it in the United States of America. While continuing her education, Knaus met Mark, who is now her husband of 49 years.

Through her continuing schooling, Knaus obtained several teaching certificates which made it possible to teach at the public school in New Jersey. She taught for 25 years until her retirement. Knaus enjoyed teaching several subjects including ESL, Japanese Bilingual, elementary school math, as well as reading and writing.

Beside learning different languages, Knaus enjoys taking care of plants. She volunteers at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Knaus also enjoys cooking and traveling. She belongs to the College Woman’s Club of Westfield which raises the scholarship fund for the college bound female graduates of Westfield High School.

Knaus has three grown up children: Michael Akira, Marcus Seiji, and Julia Sachiko.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 32

Customer Reviews

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so beautiful

this book is has a very pretty way of showing how life is living on a boat and the illustrations and beautiful and creative, definitely a 5/5 star rating

Sailing with Paros

We recently received a copy of Yaeko Knaus’s book “Sailing with Paros: Our Beautiful World” for review. What a lovely little book! Yaeko and Mark were long-time members of our club, and it has been a pleasure to read about their adventures and enjoy Yaeko’s charming drawings. The images of the negative environmental impacts they are encountering in their travels are very impactful.l We’ve added this book to our club library for the children - but no doubt our adult members will enjoy it as well. Thank you for sharing this little gem with us.
Sherry Dietz
Commodore, Keyport Yacht Club
Keyport, New Jersey