By Patti Traft
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When she was a little girl, Patti Traft was taken, then released, which led her on a path in life of destruction, depression, and hopelessness. Every relationship she had was violent. She is a survivor of several rapes and horrific domestic violence.

Patti was diagnosed with PTSD and being bipolar stage one. She has made several suicide attempts, but her faith in God brought her to this point. She always wanted to tell her story, trying to bring hope to others who walk among us that are broken just like her.

About the Author

Patti hopes her story sheds light on the folks who lost their loved ones to suicide, brings hope to the broken and lost souls of this world, and brings an understanding to the world of what it is really like to suffer from PTSD, depression, and bipolar stage one. Her story is a story of hope, because without hope there is nothing left to live for.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 160