Russian Girl-American Migrant

By Thomas Berry
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Reared in Stalin's communist world, where Lenin was the Godhead, a lovely and charming 17-year-old Russian girl is graduating from one of the famous Soviet Pioneer Schools. Sonya had been an excellent student, specializing in Lenin's political philosophy. She has graduated with a position in the famous Lenin Library in Moscow.

When communism failed in the late 1980s, the US Government was granted a small research center in the Lenin library. Five American scholars were sent to study the new Yeltson government. The director of the american delegation is drawn to Sonya's beauty,while Sonya is drawn to his kindness, humor and wisdom. They fall in love, marry and she returns with him to the American.

In America Sonya discovers all the advantages of a free society. She lectures on Tv, comparing Lenin's socialism with American democracy. She lectures all over the country, and becomes a popular figure.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas Berry is a retired Professor of Russian Language and Literature. He Lectures for John Hopkins University, the Smithsonian Institution, the Russian Cultural Center of the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. and on numerous international cruise lines. He received a "Gramota" from the Russian government for enhancement of relations with that country and the USA. He has published eleven academic books and eight novels. He has traveled extensively all over the globe.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 62