Run, But You Can't Hide

By Jimmie Davenport, Jr.
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Run, But You Cant Hide is author Jimmie Davenport, Jr.s, wry advice to criminals faced with apprehension by a police K9. In his more than twelve years a K9 handler, including with a SWAT team, Davenport has found his confidence in his dogs more than rewarded, and his engaging account of his experiences with Stuka and Ammo reveal the training, dedication, and determination that goes into forging an effective K9 team. The drama of the stories he relates is complimented by Davenports genuine affection for his canine partners, and the detailed narrative he has crafted draws readers into this adrenaline-fueled world, leaving us with a new appreciation for the abilities of those animals trained to assist law enforcement.

About the Author

Jimmie Davenport, Jr., is a Texas native and lives in Austin with his wife, Kelly. His personal interests include scuba diving and military history. Currently employed by the Austin Police Department, Mr. Davenport is a member of the International Police Working Dog Association.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 76