Ruby-June: Where's My Daddy?

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By:Misty Gaspaire

About the Book

Ruby-June is a charismatic, smart, and imaginative little girl. She loves her mama and daddy with her whole heart. One day, Ruby-June realizes that her daddy is no longer at the house. She looks everywhere for him in all his usual places, but she can’t seem to find him. Ruby-June’s mama then tells Ruby-June that her daddy isn’t living there any more.

The story continues with Ruby-June learning to understand her feelings and learning that she still gets to see her daddy. She just has to wait until the weekend.

About the Author

Misty Gaspaire has taught elementary school for 17 years. She loves reading picture books to her students and her two amazing daughters. Gaspaire enjoys using funny voices to make the characters come to life.

When Gaspaire isn’t teaching or reading, she loves spending time with her family. Gaspaire has a cute little Yorkie dog named Norman, and two cats named Rusty and Waddles. Gaspaire loves being outdoors and breathing in the cool air of spring, while laying on the grass and listening to her daughter’s laugh.

Published: 2023
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My view on the book

I have to applaud Misty, for this book is amazing! I have never read a kids book based on the separation of parents. This is a great book for all kids! Definitely recommend‘