Roxie And The Preacher

By Glenn Ribblett
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Roxie and the Preacher is a riveting tale of the Old West, but depicts themes that are still relevant in today’s world. When Roxie and his horse, Jack, stumble upon a small town in the Colorado Territory, he learns that the town needs his help now more than ever.

The Preacher has a dream of developing a non-violent town where families can live peacefully among one another, and he knows this is just the community to put that plan into action. His vision does not come to fruition easily, but with Roxie’s help, and some other new friends he meets along the way, he realizes that this may be possible.

About the Author

Author Glenn Ribblett and his wife of sixty-four years, Phyllis, live in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They have three grown children, eight grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. Before losing partial sight to muscular degeneration, he was an award-winning scenic photographer and co-owner with his wife of Another Look Scenic Photography.

Ribblett was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne as well. He is a lifetime member of the 82nd Airborne Association. Ribblett and wife, Phyllis, enjoy their extensive flowers, including orchids, and Christmas and Easter cacti

Published: 2019
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