Rothy The Pirate Planet Traveler

By Kelly Lee Roth
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Ten-year-old Rothy lives with his parents and adoring, younger brother. He loves pirates and the planets and imagines he and his friends travel on a pirate ship to other planets where all of their cool adventures begin.

Rothy the Pirate Planet Traveler follows Rothy and his friends on a journey fueled by their imaginations as they meet extraordinary people and visit amazing places that exist beyond reality. Along the way, the boys learn about being open to others who are different from them and protecting the environment. The author hopes readers take away a big smile, continue to read this book to generation after generation, and that they may don a pirate patch and become kids again.

About the Author

Kelly Lee Roth cherishes the special time she gets with her family and friends. She is devoted to sharing the craft of writing with others as writing has been her lifelong passion. Her other passion is Latin dancing, which she shares with her husband, Jim. She published her first book in January 2022, which is called Freddie the Fluorescent Fish is Going to Find Riley’s Rainbow. It is due out in early 2023. You should expect to read more children's books from Kelly in the future. Kelly is even breaking into the genre of adult books, so there’s more to come from her.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 32