Rosia Lee Ivey's Recipes For Life

By John Arthur Ivey
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Rosia Lee Ivey is now ninety-six years old. She started cooking at the young age of thirteen. When Rosia's father died, all the household duties and cooking responsibilities fell on her shoulders. Her mother knew she could count on Rosia Lee to help take care of the family. John Arthur Ivey, Rosia's youngest son, wanted to write her legacy. The best way to represent his mother is to share the love of her cooking, which he put in the form of a cookbook. There are all of Rosia's southern-inspired recipes, which include "Rosia Lee's Real Apple Pie," "Ox Tail Stew," and "Cherie's Jazzy Gumbo." John hopes everyone will enjoy the food that has inspired his mother and sustained her family for over eighty years. Rosia Lee Ivey's Recipes for Life is a taste of life provided by Rosia and her family.

About the Author

John Arthur Ivey received his bachelor of arts degree in English in 1972 from the Livingston College Campus at Rutgers University. He is a member of the NAACP, the United Negro College Fund, and OBBOT&C. Like his mother, he enjoys cooking and owns Clancy's Cantina/Aqua Lounge in Oakland, California. John has also written four plays that have been performed professionally. In memory of Celia Ivey Brown, Rosia Lee's second-oldest daughter, a $1 donation will be provided to the Leukemia Research Foundation for each book sold.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 116