Rosa's Vision And The World Of Revelation

By Rosalinda 'Rose' Swaim
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In Rosas Vision and the World of Revolution, Rosalinda Swaim imparts her unique vision of the worlds current state of affairs from a spiritual perspective.

Rosas story is woven from the threads of heartbreak and misguided steps along the path to adulthood. At the tender age of sixteen, she leaves home when her life becomes a nightmare after being attacked by someone she trusted. She now has no one to depend on but herself as she struggles to make a new life. However, she experiences visions or dreams that help her to make her way in this world.

Her life takes several unfortunate turns and she suffers losses at the hands of those who should have been there to care for her and protect her. She believes God is with her and is willing to give us all a second chance to make things right before it is too late. Through all of this, Rosas faith in God is the key to her salvation.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 128