Rock 'N' Eight

By L.A. Brelsford
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The Rock ‘N’ Eight are about to enter the Jump Rope Competition at their church, with their eyes set on the prize. Along the way, they must work to overcome diversity, and discover the possibilities are endless when working together!

An interactive story, Rock ‘N’ Eight encourages children to write their own stories and teaches that opposition gives unity a chance, and that sharing a common goal with a giving attitude will ultimately lead to success.

About the Author

As a child, L.A. Brelsford’s Aunt Ella and Meme would read to her, but as she began school, they flipped the script and instead would ask L.A. Brelsford to read the same books back to them. By the time she was in fourth grade, L.A. Brelsford was reading at a sixth-grade level.

L.A. Brelsford has always aspired to write a children’s book for her own children, who are now grown and living with their own families across the United States. She began writing when she taught Sunday School class. Her class wrote a story about unleavened bread. The story was then printed in the church newspaper.

Her favorite animals are dogs and horses, and she once taught a Basic Puppy Obedience Class for the AKC Club. When she lived in Maine, she had the privilege to work with feral horses as a team, helping them to gain the confidence to be around humans.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 44