Rix Ozark Barbecue

By Richard D. Grace
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Ozark-style barbecue. When you think of barbecue, most often you think of Kansas City, Memphis, or Texas style, but the unique and tantalizing Ozark style deserves a place at the table. Richard D. Grace takes his forty-seven years of experience and shares his time-tested, traditional Ozark Mountain recipes with professional and non-professional barbecuers alike. Grace shares a variety of recipes, from barbecued meats and sides to breads, salads, and desserts, as well as detailed instructions on smoking to keep these delicious and passed down recipes in the limelight and on your dinner table.

About the Author

Richard D. Grace’s experience includes working as a certified executive chef for a Fortune 500 company, founder and operator of a celebration cake business while working full time at a hotel, founder and operator of a small packaging and distribution company with the sole objective of distributing his seasoning blends for outdoor barbecuing and grilling, and opening a barbecue restaurant with catering and consulting. He is also a past certified KCBS judge. While Grace’s background is in fine dining and hotels, he goes back to his roots in creating Rix Ozark Barbecue, which comforts the senses with creativity and flavor without the fuss of fine dining.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 454