Rising Sun, The Indian Princess

By Norma J. Pinner
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About the Book

The Peace Treaty had brought peace to the warring tribes. It was a time-honored tradition the Cherokee chiefs daughter promised in marriage to the Sioux chiefs son the two tribes then united in peace and friendship through family and blood ties. The Cherokee princess, Rising Sun, had little to say about her future, but marriage to an unknown Sioux warrior; life in a strange, nomadic tribe; and leaving the beloved mountains and streams of her childhood were thoughts that weighed heavily on her heart. When the red-haired Irishman appears in her village, she remembers his kindness, their past friendship, their shared laughter. He has cherished her childish request from years ago, and now he has returned for her. She follows her heart and leaps from one unknown future, to another this is Rising Suns story.

About the Author

Author Norma Pinners grandmother told her the stories of their ancestor, the Cherokee princess, Rising Sun and her Irish husband Samuel. Encouraged by her professor to tell their story, Ms. Pinner began to fill in the details, and wishing that she had been old enough to ask more questions of her grandmother. Born and raised in Tampa, she has certificates in writing for children and degrees in business management and music education. In her spare time, she cooks, reads, gardens, and plays music. She has four children: Ron, Mark, and David Pinner, and Leila Susan Meyer. Always intrigued with family history, she notes, Growing up with my grandmothers stories, I want to share them with all those who live after me.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 38