Rippling Wildfire: A Poetry Inferno: Poetry Uncovers Life Volume 1

By Will Lynch
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Rippling Wildfire: A Poetry Inferno

Poetry Uncovers Life Volume 1

Finding one’s own voice can be difficult to uncover, and an outlet to view as a method of understanding can give peace to a lonely soul. 

The first in a series, Rippling Wildfire: A Poetry Inferno is about deep, visceral emotion and the impact it has on our perspective of the world. While there are so many different feelings that can’t be expressed or categorized, with each verse, Will Lynch verbalizes things that others may feel but cannot express. 

About the Author

Will Lynch is a writer who never thought of himself as one. He has a background in anatomy and physiology, but writes as a form of release. He also enjoys singing, playing the trumpet, reading, and keeping up with current events in sports. 

Published: 2021
Page Count: 78