Richard Seney: A Memoir: From Turmoil To An Artist's Peace

By Richard Seney
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Richard Seney

A Memoir

From Turmoil to an Artist's Peace

Whatever life throws at you, you can find peace throughout all the turmoil you might experience.

Richard Seneys richly illustrated book includes four still-life graphite pencil drawings and twenty-two colored pencil drawings. The stunning details reveal both the texture of materials and the effects of light.

Richards artistic inspiration comes from a myriad of sourcesfrom Natures splendor, to humanitys proud achievements, to the joy or pain of emotion within.

From Turmoil to an Artists Peace follows Richards path through a difficult childhood and tumultuous adult years to the sanctuary of art. It is a compelling story of hope and transformation, told with humility, love, and appreciation for the creative gift that has, in fact, saved his life.

About the Author

The youngest of eight children, Richard Seney grew up in a crowded household with his siblings and a mother who worked hard to support her family. Among other hardships, Richard struggled with a learning disability but found respite in theatrical arts. He knew from a young age that art was his calling. Above all, he praises God for giving him a good heart, a good eye, and hands to create this art that has transformed my life.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 80