By James Cummings
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For centuries, The Predarian Empire has built its domain on the power of genetic engineering. An army of genetically enhanced soldiers, each engineered for a specific task, crushing its opposition. Their goal: to build a superior society. Their enemy: imperfect humanity. Humans live on the fringes of their society, waiting as lambs for the slaughter, hoping to escape to the freedom of the Alliance planets.

When a bomb goes off at the university on the lowly Predarian colony A13, the scent of rebellion fills the air. She’s a noble, running from her mysterious past. He’s a soldier, trapped in the cogs for the Predarian war machine. Together, they may find what they seek. But the wheel of fate revolves, and a terrible Leviathan waits in the darkness. This a story of fate and redemption, love and despair, and the darkness that sleeps in the heart of humanity.

About the Author

James R. Cummings is a native Los Angeles writer. He is a member of the nonprofit Philosopher’s Stone Poetry. He has published works in three volumes and edited poetry and prose for the Santa Monica College Creative Writers Club. After graduating from the UCLA Department of Comparative Literature, he continues to study English and Japanese literature as he begins his writing career. REvoluntionary is his debut novel.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 220