Revisiting The Bohr Model

By Thomas E. Baker
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Theoretical concepts are critical to a functional understanding. Bohr model theories in the past have been routinely applied to explain chemistry, biology, DC power, and electronics. This book applies the same tools to explain AC power, and different aspects of electromagnetics and astrophysics. Altogether over 50 new introductory concepts are provided:

•First book to present AC power theories

•First book to explain infrared wave propagation

•First book to unravel the mechanisms for gravity

•First book to rationalize light bending

•First book to clarify special relativity

Many of the theoretical explanations in this book have not been routinely presented by academia in the past. Who knows where next generation concepts can take mankind in the future?

A must buy for professors, teachers, students, science professionals, and anyone seeking simple theoretical explanations across the spectrum of electromagnetic phenomena.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 196