Revelation Interpreted

By Carol Isbell-Johnson
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Filled with prophecy and symbolism, the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible is perhaps the most difficult to interpret. One thing in Revelation is clear, howeverthe existence of an anti-Christ.

Who is the anti-Christ? Has the anti-Christ already made an earthly appearance? What can Christians do to remain close to God in the face of this evil? Using biblical excerpts, the author gives her personal interpretation of Revelation to answer these and other questions about the battle between good and evil.

About the Author

Carol Isbell-Johnson is a direct descendant of Queen Isabell of Castile (Spain and Portugal), who sponsored Columbus to America. She is married and resides in Missouri. She holds a degree in business administration and is a self-employed spiritual instructor and counselor, as well as a reader of metaphysics. Ms. Isbell-Johnson has been a health club member for twenty-seven years. She also enjoys art and swimming. She wrote this book because of her experiences with God.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 56