By Norman H. Maclean
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The Number of the Beast? The End of Days? Everyone knows about them, but few understand them in their historical context.

Set in the ancient Mediterranean, REVELATION takes as its theme the contents of the world’s most famous letter, a lengthy document sent from the Greek island of Patmos by a notorious exile, John the Elder, a Presbyter from Ephesus.

Universally believed to be a prophetic insight to our time, Revelation, the final book of the Bible, is historically and more accurately regarded as allegory, reflecting on the political and religious upheavals of the first century CE.

Despite hundreds of published theories about the supposed prophecies, no novel has dealt with this subject in the context of the age in which the letter was written. Unique in this aspect, REVELATION examines not only Christian origins but the metaphorical flux and flow of apocalyptic thought throughout the era in which that mystically symbolic work was written.

From Jerusalem to Rome and on Patmos, the early Christian world is revealed.

About the Author

Widely travelled in the near East and the Mediterranean, Norman H. Maclean, a teacher of art and classical studies, is a New Zealander. He holds a lifelong fascination with both Jewish history and the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. He is involved in the artistic life in his hometown, including painting, print-making, and directing theatrical productions. Maclean adheres strongly to a view insisted upon by the ancient Roman statesman Cicero: If a man has a garden and a library, he has all that he needs. (A studio in which to paint is also added to this ideal lifestyle.)

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 416