Return To Me The Joy

By Eddie “Raja” Johnson
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Eddie “Raja” Johnson tells his story of overcoming the disease of drug addiction in this moving autobiography.

As Johnson looks back at his life, he sees a life of pain and sorrow, a life where he turned to drugs and alcohol as the solution to his problems. But ultimately, by turning inward to God, Johnson was able to overcome that life and experience a miraculous recovery. The author hopes that by writing about his personal experiences, readers will be better able to cope with illnesses they may be dealing with.

About the Author

Eddie “Raja” Johnson has had a fascination for books from his early years. Reading has always been a favorite pastime for him, and he excelled in it at school.

After years of addiction, Johnson is now a champion of recovery. He has taken on the responsibility of helping those who have falling into the grip of addiction and are looking for a way out. His life centers on helping inform others from his life experiences. He is a graduate of the Salvation Army’s rehabilitation program and is a member of the West Angeles Church of God in Christ.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 84