Rethinking Writing One Word At A Time: Eight Parts Of Speech: Supplemental Activities And Resources Workbook

By Sheila Beverly
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“Sheila Beverly’s new workbook, Rethinking Writing One Word at a Time, is a promising tool for helping students who struggle with writing. Mrs. Beverly, who holds a B.A. in English and an M. Ed. In reading education, has years of experience teaching students to write. At first, her innovative ‘Grammar Bubble’ appears to be a part-to-whole approach to teaching writing. But, in truth, she uses direct teaching of the eight parts of speech as an entry point – a conceptual structure and motivational “hook” to get hesitant writers to put their ideas down on paper. Then, Mrs. Beverly uses a workshop, collaborative model to keep her students writing – drafting, sharing, revising, and editing. It is obvious that much thinking, trying out, and improving has gone into the activities described in this workbook. It is also obvious from reading the revealing Preface that Mrs. Beverly is a committed educator who is passionate about empowering her students to express their voices in print.” - Dr. Darrell Morris, Professor of Reading Education, 2016-2017 Distinguished Graduate Faculty Award; Director of Anderson Reading Clinic Department of Reading Education & Special Education, Emeritus Faculty, Appalachian State University

“This workbook, containing resources and supplemental activities, along with the Grammar Bubble Manipulative Toy, games, charts, and lessons, has been Divinely orchestrated and blessed. Adults and children will learn and understand the Eight Parts of Speech and how to utilize this knowledge to become better communicators. Teachers will benefit tremendously. This information will give them a fresh approach on how to introduce writing using the Eight Parts of Speech. This hands-on approach will help make writing fun and more meaningful.” - Linda Beverly, BS of Elementary School Education, Primary Reading Teacher, Retired-34 Years of Experience

“Written communication skills remain a vital asset in our increasing technological world. I had the privilege of working with Shelia for many years and can attest to her dedication in helping her students’ written voices to shine on paper. Her passion now extends to assisting teachers who also recognize the importance of writing. Shelia Beverly’s Rethinking Writing One Word at a Time provides a framework for teachers to cultivate a community of strong writers and shares engaging activities to help students acquire essential language skills. Rethinking Writing One Word at a Time is a valuable addition to a teacher’s classroom.” - Teri G. Lewis, BA English, MEd of Reading; English Department Chair, Retired

I wish I had Rethinking Writing One Word at a Time – Eights Parts of Speech when I was teaching in the classroom. Finally, a workbook that really breaks down grammar and writing in a way that builds and makes sense to the teacher and the learner. The “Grammar Bubble Manipulative Toy”, games, writing prompts, and more are great for emerging writers and those who need a writing refresher. It is interactive and thought provoking. This workbook could benefit anyone who desires to grow in their writing journey by starting with “Rethinking Writing.” - Dr. Renita L. Webb, Ph.D. Educational Leadership Strategist; Former Elementary School Principal; Former Middle/High School English Teacher

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 172