Resurrecting Our Democracy: A Memoir

By Carole Mac Aulay
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An older family man, from the middle class, self-made millionaire, John Fairweather has decided to run for President of the United States on a platform consisting of ten bills that will change the face of politics and governing in the US, bills that will “put a leash on Congress.”

Resurrecting Our Democracy: A Memoir follows Fairweather’s journey as he runs as an Independent and secures the support of the people. And though the last thing Congress wants is to pass his bills, Fairweather finds a way to force them to listen to what the American people want. Though a fictional account, the author hopes this story will pique the interests of voters and help make some changes to our government. The author says, “I want my readers to take away the realization that our democracy is rotting in its laurels. We don't have to go the way of the Roman Empire. We can unite and use our votes to legally revive our democracy—to reach the unreachable star!”

About the Author

Carole Mac Aulay is an active Christian. And it shows in her writing. She is involved in a prayer group, donates to a food bank, drives people to church, and takes Communion to shut-ins. She loves collecting stamps and coins, plays Sudoku, and knits blankets for a charity. She plays cards weekly with her “Hand and Foot Canasta” group. She loves to travel, and does so two to three times a year. The combined family consists of her three girls and her husband’s two boys. They have a total of seventeen grandchildren. Mac Aulay likes to see people achieve. Her psychology degree helps her find ways to help in seemingly lost situations.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 102