Resilience — Silence Without An Extra "I": Reflections

By Dr. Mary J. Crane, Master of Science, Educational Specialist
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Resilience — Silence Without an Extra "I": Reflections explores how America has changed since 9/11. It gives one food for thought about what has happened and is happening through poetry. What is our truth? How can we make changes for the better of brotherhood, despite color, creed, or other individual personal difference? One person’s truth may not be another person’s truth, and this is perfectly okay in America. 

Mary Crane was inspired to write these poems to process the present events of American history. The poems contained in this collection deliver peace without prejudice, and unity of all people.

About the Author

Being in education, Mary J. Crane enjoys different attributes, talents, and professional fields. Rotary has helped Crane branch out with people in different fields and interests. Crane’s special interests include reading, writing, camaraderie, dancing, working out, and socializing. In 1997, Crane ran the New York Marathon. She is a certified scuba diver and likes to challenge herself.

Crane has two sons, an entrepreneur and a computer scientist. Crane has two granddaughters.

Crane is retired from teaching as an educational specialist. She was certified in eight areas. Special Education was her specialty. When a student was prognosed with dyslexia or word blindness, she taught them. Crane taught various grade levels. She also taught teachers from the district level over nine schools. It was her passion to see a student succeed.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 110