Reo's Little Black Book: A Foreclosure Guide For The Future Home Owner, Investor, Or Real Estate Professional

By Jane T. Wilcox
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REOs Little Black Book: A Foreclosure Guide for the Future Home Owner, Investor, or Real Estate Professional

In todays economy, there is much foreclosed real estate available at a good price to the homebuyer or investor who knows how to shop or buy in a savvy manner. Much paperwork is involved; there are many requirements, and even some real estate agents are intimidated.

In this concise guide, the author, Jane T. Wilcox, owner of a real estate business in Florida, presents a detailed, but easily understood, description of the hows and whys of buying foreclosed real estate property. Although this is technically a guide for realtors, it is also must reading for anyone who is considering investing in or purchasing bank-owned real estate.

About the Author

Jane T. Wilcox has been a licensed realtor in Pensacola, Florida, for over twenty-five years, and she specializes in REO liquidations. A graduate of Florida State University with both a bachelors degree and a masters degree, she owns her own real estate business. She belongs to local, state, and national realtors associations, in addition to the Womens Council of Realtors. Married to Charles Myers, she has one adult daughter. When she is not selling real estate, she is also an artist.

Published: 2009
Page Count: 32