Renewing The Heart: Growing Intimately With God

By Maureen E. Chambers
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Renewing the Heart: Growing Intimately with God is an inspirational book designed to assist those who are seeking to cultivate a deeper relationship with God through biblical principles to live daily. The text examines the conflicts that can arise as the result of the ongoing battle between the spirit and the flesh. Let the word of Christ guide your spirit and renew your heart, and you will find that your struggles will bring you closer to God, whereby transformation comes through the Holy Spirit as a resolution to these issues, keeping your heart renewed continually before God. In considering biblical precepts, Maureen Chambers reflects on the characteristics of strong, personal faith; fasting; prayer; and worship, in growing intimately with God. She also encourages you to continually seek the will and presence of God in your daily life. Through prayer and faith in the word and power of God, you can overcome your struggles, both physical and spiritual, and fill your mind with The peace of God, which passes all understanding (Phil. 4:7).

About the Author

A resident of Frederick, Maryland, Maureen E. Chambers is pursuing her masters degree at the University of Phoenix. In 1999, she received her bachelor of science degree in health and human performance/family counseling from the University of Maryland, and in 1993, she earned her associate of arts degree in general study, emphasis in behavioral science, from Montgomery College, Maryland. Through Renewing the Heart, her first published book, she shows her passion to touch the lives of individuals in simple ways, to help them cultivate an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and love Him passionately, and to teach the Bible in ways that will change lives. She is the single mother of one daughter, Karina. She attends Christian Life Center Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland, under the leadership of Rev. R. E. Libby.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 94