Renee's Royal Secrets

By Da’Monique Wilkins
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Renee’s Royal Secrets: The power within us all is about a special princess who wants to share her secrets so that readers can discover these secrets to living a kinder, loving, and more positive life. Children today want to know that they are special and unique, and they can apply what they learn from this book to their everyday lives to make it unique. The author hopes that every child uncovers that these secrets are theirs too, and shares them with everyone around them.

About the Author

Da’Monique Wilkins is the aunt of two beautiful nieces, whom she loves dearly. She enjoys taking care of her sister, helping out her neighbors and anyone she comes in contact with. Da’Monique loves sharing and teaching the wisdom that her mother passed on to her with everybody.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 30