Remove Foil From Suppository Prior To Insertion

By Hugh Dorman
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A Satire on Contemporary American Life

Remove Foil from Suppository Prior to Insertion reveals the humorous and absurd in life. Through entertainment, Hugh Dorman educates us on those products that have no value and make false claims about their efficiency and efficacy. This book will provide many laughs along the way, but will also open your eyes to the frightening reality of America today.

About the Author

As a physician, educator, and scientist, Hugh Dorman has spent many years trying to heal the sick, train residents and medical students, and promote improved patient care through research. He has always believed that living with gratitude and hope is a gift, providing an inside track to happiness. Family to Dorman is of utmost importance: it is a source of help and support that will smooth the bumps in the road. His experience suggests that altruistic deeds benefit the giver more than the recipient and true charity is best provided anonymously. Moreover, it has become obvious to him that forgiveness and tolerance are essential to calm the soul and feed the spirit. Dorman trusts in God’s plan and knows that life unfolds the way it is supposed to. He would not know joy without tragedy, feel love without loving, and appreciate success without failure.

Dorman has made more than his share of mistakes, which have served to educate and provide a guide for an improved way of life in a meaningful way and has come to understand that everyone has something valuable to offer, if only he took the time to listen. Finally, introspection of his life has taught him that the simple act of acceptance can result in an outlook on daily life that is less frustrating and more enjoyable.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 134