Remembering You: Tears Of Laughter, Tears Of Pain

By Wendye L. Kolles
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by Wendye L. Kolles Both personal and universal, the poems in Remembering You are about the joys and sorrows of life, finding strength, and the courage to forgive oneself and others. Some of them celebrate long friendships, beloved relatives, and joyful new births. Others explore the sadness of losing family members to age and death and express the complicated relationship between Ms. Kolles and her father. Still others are simply about the wonders of nature and the small gifts of ordinary life. Ultimately, they express the realization that mistakes are only mistakes if nothing is learned from them. Instead, the author prefers to think of mistakes as lifes learning experiences and / or lifes challenges.

About the Author

Wendye L. Kolles lives in the Sydney seaside suburb of Manly, Australia, with her husband Michael Nadler and their two beloved cats, Gershwin and Rhapsody. Her hobbies include reading, craft-work, crocheting, enjoying nature, and visiting and supporting the Taronga Zoo. The author can be contacted at

Published: 2006
Page Count: 56