Remember Why You Started

By Dr. Brenda Henderson
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We appreciate the service of all first responders on duty, protecting and saving lives. Many focus on the good times in life, but healing the pain is necessary. In reading and researching, the authors of Remember Why You Started have learned that suicide, particularly among first responders, is more common than we thought. First responders are some of the strongest members of society, yet they are under incredible amounts of pressure and emotional constraint. It’s easy to keep struggles to ourselves, but Dr. Brenda Henderson wants to provide a safe outlet for healing and releasing. Remember Why You Started provides guidance, prompts, and pages for first responders to find healing through journaling.

About the Author
Dr. Brenda Henderson is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Master of Science in clinical psychopharmacology with over 30 years of experience providing psychology services, supervision, and administration. Currently, Henderson performs mental health disability evaluations for United States Veterans and Social Security and provides therapy and assessment supervision. She is a passionate, outspoken leader and a supportive, instructive team builder offering a combination of knowledge and skills developed through a lengthy and rewarding career. She is a member of several professional organizations and is involved in promoting mental health awareness particularly as it concerns first responders. She enjoys traveling, adventures, and nature. Henderson is also the proud mother of twins, Rae and Nicole Henderson.

Rae and Nicole Henderson are graduates of the Fashion Institute of Design & Marketing. After having a clothing line, working in marketing and logistics, these twin sisters embraced the entertainment world. As the DJ and music production duo, RaeCola, they travel, playing and creating house music. When not in music, they can be seen modeling and acting in commercials and advertisements. In downtime, you can find these sisters gardening at their community garden, journaling, meditating, and traveling.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 118