Remember, Recapture, Reclaim, Restore, And Preserve: Principles For Living

By   Stephanie Brendlyn Coursey Bailey
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Remember, Recapture, Reclaim, Restore, and Preserve: Principles for Living is about community values that come from a small community, USA, but are easily translatable to anywhere, USA. Community values are rooted in the foundation of families and generate our truths and beliefs for living. The book challenges the reader to remember, to recapture, to reclaim, to restore, and then to endeavor to preserve those values allowing us to live and be better. 

Within the throes of the worst, there is another story that can remind us of the better. The relevance comes in the story's tie to current events followed by the challenging questions that are meant to cause a response in the reader and cause the reader to better their living and better their community living. By reflecting on our common values and seeing the chaos today, we are compelled to do better. Each day and each moment, we are capable of choosing differently regarding our living. We need to reflect regularly because in the "brevity of a moment", our lives can change and when the moments add up, we may have lost our way.

About the Author

Stephanie Brendlyn Coursey Bailey is a lifetime public servant and lifetime supporter of community health excellence. She is noted for leadership and considered a Public Health Expert. Dr. Bailey has been honored by local, state, and national governments, as well as many local, state, and national organizations for leadership, service, professionalism, innovation, compassion, contributions, and initiatives. She was featured in a book authored by Carole Woltring and Carole Barlas entitled Journey to Leadership: Profile of Women Leaders in Public Health. Dr. Bailey is a published author and a coproducer of a documentary entitled "Through My Father's Eye." 

Dr. Bailey received her B.A. in Psychology from Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts (1972); and her M.D. from MeHarry Medical College, Nashville, TN (1976). She performed her residency in Internal Medicine at Grady Memorial/Emory University, Atlanta, GA; and MeHarry Medical College; and later obtained her M.S.H.S.A. from the College of St. Francis, Jolliet, IL, in 1993. Her hobbies include: reading, singing, sports and assisting her husband with chores related to living on a farm. She loves to travel and attributes that to having been born in a taxi cab. Dr. Bailey is dedicated to truth and fulfilling her assignments given by her LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. She is always tremendously grateful and is always looking to lift others up so that they can soar.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 76