Releasing The Pain

By Sharon V. Olden
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Releasing the Pain

Some things in life may seem almost impossible to forgive. Some obstacles, especially child abuse, may seem too great to ever overcome. Sharon V. Olden takes her readers on a journey of profound love that triumphs over years of physical and emotional suffering. Her grandmother believed love could conquer all pain, wishing to offer her a better life if Sharon could be granted to her protective custody.

Will she persevere, and will love be enough to release all the hurt? Let Sharon show you how her journey progressed, and hear the advice she has for those struggling with similar problems.

About the Author

Sharon V. Olden is a survivor of child abuse who felt prompted by God to use her story to inspire and encourage others. For years she has been involved in volunteering for her community with organizations such as the Red Cross and Youth Villages. She especially has an interest in youth empowerment programs and outreach programs for abuse victims since she knows what a difference a caring heart can make. Sharons words of advice for others struggling with forgiveness are, Let go and let God do it. She is a native of Tennessee, which is still her home today.

Published: 2009
Page Count: 32