Reigning With Christ

By Justin V. Edmondson
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The idea of reigning with Christ is not a fantasy, but it is the reality and foundation of our Christian faith and our ultimate anticipation. Reigning with Christ focuses on living a victorious life in Christ amidst the challenges that one may face on this journey. It offers you daily, practical tools on how to defeat the devil, the world, and the flesh. It also includes real-life experiences, testimonies, and scenarios on how you can live and walk with Christ. If you find that you are tired of living a life of defeat, and yearn to live a purpose-driven life, Reigning with Christ is the book you have been looking for. Read it and enjoy the true transformation that comes through Jesus the Christ!

About the Author

Justin V. Edmondson was born on the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica. He later migrated to the United States of America, where he accepted the Lord as his savior. To enhance the call, he enrolled and earned his Doctorate in Theology at the Mt. Olive Bible Seminary. He is the founder and overseer of Charity of Faith Ministries, located in Brooklyn, NY, and Curacao. He is a husband and the father of three beautiful children. He enjoys evangelism, playing the keyboard, traveling, and watching faith-based movies. He is a firm believer in winning souls; as such, his philosophy is anchored in winning the lost at any cost.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 82