Regicide: Storm Cloud

By Eric Heicher
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Shine’s life has been mostly uneventful in the sleepy backwater town of Hanover. That is until the night his father was murdered by the tyrannical King Pious. Ten years later, he sets out to find fellow adventurers to aid in his quest to rid the kingdom of King Pious and his tyranny for good. With each new adventure he and his troupe encounter, new mysteries and new allies grow. A creeping sense of despair lingers in the air with each new town and quest they discover. Could there be an even great threat looming than the wicked King Pious?

Any lover of fantasy, adventuring, and loveable, relatable characters will find an edge-of-your-seat journey in Regicide: Storm Cloud.

About the Author

Eric Heicher is a first-time author with his debut of Regicide: Storm Cloud. He has always had a passion for creative writing, as well as video gaming, his favorite hobby.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 248