Refugees Affected By War: As Seen Through The Eyes Of An 84 Year Old

By John K. Spitzberg
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Refugees Affected by War follows author John K. Spitzberg’s work with Ukrainian refugees who fled their country due to Russia’s attack upon Ukraine. This is an ongoing saga due to the war going on currently and Ukraine being destroyed now. The war is killing, maiming, and destroying the infrastructure of Ukraine as this book is being created. Spitzberg hopes that all who read this book will become active in advocating for peace and social justice in Ukraine and all those affected by war.

About the Author

John K. Spitzberg is a member of Veterans For Peace, having served as President of Chapter 099, chair of an annual convention in Asheville, North Carolina and published poetry by veterans, some of whom saw combat. He is the best mediocre chess player he knows, a father and a grandfather to three grandchildren in Florida. Spitzberg was a special education teacher, master's level social worker and nationally registered paramedic. He became a member of a Community Emergency Response Team in Willow, Alaska and calls the Last Frontier home as an elder who loves to write.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 200