Reflections . . . When Looking At Ourselves, We See Others More Clearly . . .

By James J. Smith
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Im sorry it took so long.
I apologize, black man, woman, and child.
Forgive this white man who acted like an animal born wild.
Forgive America for slavery? I dont know if we can.
In case we cant, Im sure America will understand!
These profound and heartfelt words from James J. Smith define the real eye-opener that is Reflections, a collection of poems expressing the slavery, hatred, and racism in American society that is still prevalent today in many ways. Smith gives us a real dose of the bigotry still displayed, along with a declaration of the many strong black men and women in American history who wanted to make a differenceand succeeded. In this illuminating work, Smith shares with us not only his personal feelings and observations of the way we as a society should see each other in terms other than race, but also the close relationships he has with and his appreciation for his loving family members, who struggle as he does to find an answer to the question Why?

About the Author

James J. Smith was born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan, and lives with his wife, Camille. Besides writing, he also enjoys watching sports. Stirrings from My Soul is another one of his published works.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 74