Reflections, Memories, Thoughts And Observations

By Paul M. Ryan
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About the Book

Reflections, Memories, Thoughts and Observations has multiple themes and ranges from light humor to complex philosophy, from simple entertainment to thought-provoking subjects. It is a history of the evolution of thinking and insights over Paul Ryan’s lifetime.

Read Reflections, Memories, Thoughts and Observations and you will be able to think deeply about life issues and enjoy how ideas are presented in the various forms.

About the Author

Paul M. Ryan has always loved to write, having started writing in grade school and having won a statewide writing contest in the 4th grade. Writing was his preferred method of communication. His grandmother inspired him with her words of wisdom, never lecturing but always dropping important insights using short but meaningful phrases, like “waste not, want not,” which taught him that it was wise to conserve for future benefit. Her most passionate warning was her hope that Paul would never be a solder or an attorney. Had she lived longer, she would have been disappointed because he became both.

Throughout his life, Paul’s jobs involved writing. Most of his work involved writing based on research. In the course of his legal career, he wrote thousands of briefs. Brief writing didn’t allow for creativity, so he would occasionally do creative writing at home when something funny or enlightening occurred to him. A lot of what he wrote was lost over time, but among what remains are the contents of this book. Reading and creative writing are his hobbies.

Paul’s life revolves around his family. His wife, Cindy, and he are proud parents of three children and ten grandchildren. They are involved with their school and athletic activities. For fun they like to bike, visit small ocean towns, and travel.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 160