Reflections From Psalm 119

By Kenneth O. Light
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About the Book

When I first started the book three years ago, my intent was to educate the reader with Psalm 119. However, as I proceeded to write over the years, the work began to be a spiritual work of what God, through the Holy Spirit, has done and is still doing in my life that might be a help to the reader who is going through similar trials. The Eternal Word of God is not just another historical religious document; it is alive and applicable to our lives in the 21st century.

God has love and concern for each and every person, and each word in the Bible is filled with spirit and life. Let this book be your guide as you journey deeper on your spiritual path.

About the Author

Marriage, child-rearing, and becoming socially and financially successful were the top priorities in Kenneth O. Light’s life until 1967; then he met Christ and everything changed. Ken and his wife entered service in His vineyard in New Mexico and Arizona as lay missionaries in 1968. Since then, they have served as devout evangelists. Ken studied through the Berean School of the Bible for ten years and holds an Exhorter's License and License to Preach, as well as being an Ordained Assembly of God Minister. In 1996 he retired from serving in a corporate manner and began serving as Senior Pastor for three churches. Now retired, Ken and his wife Cloe reside in Cherokee Village, Arkansas. They have two sons, Ken and Robert, a daughter-in-law, and four grandchildren.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 160