Refiner's Fire

By JB Storm
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Refiner’s Fire is about taking a new perspective and realizing we are in the college of life. In life we get mired down and forget that everyone around us has challenges, struggles, things that can bring us to our knees. The scriptures say: “No unclean thing can dwell with God.” Taking stories either from our own lives or lives of friends and sharing them to show (first), no one walks alone or goes through life without challenges and (two) challenges can be made into stepping stones that lead to our eternal progression or, if we so choose, can be stumbling blocks that lead us away from our perfect, clean self. It is our choice that determines which direction we will choose and how we will embrace those challenges. The hope is that at least one person benefits from the thoughts that are shared. And while some stories are shared several times there is significance each time. To a spiritual person thinking about how the Universe affects us through our own mind may help pave the way to better self. To a religious person, it doesn’t matter what faith you walk by; there is something upon the pages that may help you.

About the Author

JB Storm grew up in a very passionate and patriotic military family and became very well traveled, throughout the USA. Living by the commitment her parents ingrained into her—Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and all that is right—her passions push her to fight and speak for those who cannot do so for themselves, as well as storytelling. When the world shows its ugly face that it can throw at anyone, she sees the beauty of it and is willing to tell the world about what she sees. As a young widow, who lost her children and her first husband, JB has found that life is not always what you want it to be and that no moment should ever be taken for granted. With that she finds the need to spend her private time with her current husband, family, friends, and her faithful dog, Cleopatra. Currently settled in the green-scapes of the Carolinas, JB finds peace and tranquility, along with inspiration, from the mountains, lakes, and forests. She lives now to explore as much of life as she possibly can with her new husband and extended family. JB is deeply passionate in her faith, which is a large influence of her storytelling subjects—but she is not without her talent for creative writing in areas of fiction, sci-fi, love, and action. She has been asked to speak on gospel topics many times, as well as motivational speaking. JB is also a recognized, award winning poet. She has dedicated her life to helping and caring for others, which led her to her first novel Refiner’s Fire.

Her loving husband is of great support in this venture and adds to her ideas or directions in where her stories go. He wishes to remain a private party to the adventures they share. Mr. Storm was raised in the mountains of Kentucky and has strong family and religious values, but also is a very private person by nature. His viewpoints and comradery help JB to think outside the box as they put pen to paper. He supports his wife in all she does and loves helping her develop the ideas she has for her next works. Over the years both have volunteered in various organizations to help in their communities, churches, animal shelters, and families. Their combined experiences and family stories along with some of their friends’ will unravel tales that will keep us entertained.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 180