Red Footprints

By Helen Lu
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About the Book

As readers who know a tale of compassion when we see one, we find ourselves right in the middle of the American Revolutionary War in Red Footprints, a journey through hardships, emotions, and acceptance of others during a time of need, selflessness, and struggle. Penny White, a young woman with a fiery defiance, is determined to understand what it means to fight for freedom not only in war, but also in her home. A spunky girl of fourteen, Penny yearns to break away from the traditional stipulations that come with being a female the importance of housewife duties, not speaking unless you are spoken to, and overall portraying all the qualities a proper lady should have. Her independent attitude and rebellious behavior cause much controversy among her family members and those who dont even know her that well. But soon Penny will realize that no matter how independent she yearns to be, during wartime, she especially needs to maintain her close relationships with her friends and even her older sister and mother, who insist she will always be an immature dreamer, not a true lady. Penny turns to the men in her life her father, who maintains her innocence while using her childhood nicknames and praising her for her stubbornness; her older brother Sturges, whom she adores and prays returns home safely from the battlefield; and her best friend Thomas, a trusting confidant who has joined Sturges in the fight for freedom. By remembering the most important things in life, Penny takes us on a historical journey that not only reminds us of the value of family and friends, but also the brave men who fought for their beliefs without the fear of losing.

About the Author

Helen Lu is a junior in high school, and her hobbies include running, playing the violin, reading and, of course, writing. This is her first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 342