Red: Fate And Time Inseperable... A Promise Volume One Book I

By Yen Sun Cheng
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Red: Fate and Time Inseparable… A Promise

Red: Fate and Time Inseparable…A Promise explores themes such as “what is the meaning of true love,” based on fate and soulmates through Tian and San’s romantic rivalry. Readers are reminded that we should not settle for less and do not decorate our dreams, as well as understand that the greatest assets to human beings are our minds and hearts. As individuals one can achieve many realistic dreams and desires. With that said this family drama chronicles the enlightening meaning of true love, beyond the selfish human emotion through the essence of time.

About the Author

Yen Sun Cheng is a father with two grown children. He has since lived in the western culture world from the age of four to present day and was raised by eastern culture parents. Understanding both the eastern and western cultural worlds gave him some great insight with the new generation and old generation traditions. He likes the balance of the two cultural worlds.

Cheng enjoys reading manga, light novels, watching anime and movies, as well as spending time with his family.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 128