Red: Fate And Time Inseparable... A Promise Volume One Book I

By Yen Sun Cheng
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Red: Fate and Time Inseparable… A Promise

Red: Fate and Time Inseparable…A Promise explores themes such as “what is the meaning of true love,” based on fate and soulmates through Tian and San’s romantic rivalry. Readers are reminded that we should not settle for less and do not decorate our dreams, as well as understand that the greatest assets to human beings are our minds and hearts. As individuals one can achieve many realistic dreams and desires. With that said this family drama chronicles the enlightening meaning of true love, beyond the selfish human emotion through the essence of time.

About the Author

Yen Sun Cheng is a father with two grown children. He has since lived in the western culture world from the age of four to present day and was raised by eastern culture parents. Understanding both the eastern and western cultural worlds gave him some great insight with the new generation and old generation traditions. He likes the balance of the two cultural worlds.

Cheng enjoys reading manga, light novels, watching anime and movies, as well as spending time with his family.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32

Customer Reviews

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Kimthea Heng
Story Presentation

I was impressed the Author was able to express the characters feeling's as if we had experience this before in our own life.

The cover art matched beautifully with the story itself. This series is very unique compared to other romantic light novels.

Thanks to the Author for showing we girls are just as strong as men !

I am waiting for my hardcover copy and very excited for volume 2!

Rose Kislenger
Emotional Rollercoaster

The way the characters are portrayed, especially the evil mother in-law, and hardships throughout the story made me feel all types of emotions.. all the characters have flaws and nobody is perfect.. The differences between eastern and western cultures really showed throughout the story

This lite novel teaches you so many things such as struggle and perseverance, and the concept of time and new beginnings

All possible life lessons could be plucked out from each chapter, it’s very brief, but at the same time if you put some thought into it, it’s definitely there

Oh and the moments of passion made me scream

If this is what the author had intended, they sure did an amazing job at toying with their readers!! The cover goes along with the storyline very well and there’s types of symbolism in the book that some people will see it, while others when they read over it, it will fly over their heads

This would be very interesting to teach in an English class for units on symbolism, and I can foresee that the conversations would be very debatable/controversial.... especially with the superstitions such as the left eye twitching when something is wrong... it’s just one thing after another with this lite novel; really interesting read!

Tan Cheng

Classic 80's style Anime theme of the cover art brings together the East Meets West theme of not accepting perceived fate at face value and tying the classic theme of we are our own masters of fate.