Red And Blue

By Miss Chy
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When both cars want to be the color blue, there is only one way to decide who gets to blue and who must be another color: through a race! What happens if they don’t get blue? the cars wonder. Will they be sad? Red and Blue shows us that sometimes when we get what we want, it is not what we expected, and that it feels good to be happy with what we have and who we are!

About the Author

Miss Chy has an extensive background in childhood education, which was a wonderful passion and inspiration for her. She is a strong believer that imagination has no limits, and if you believe in everything, you can achieve anything! As she changes careers, Miss Chy wants to share her love for education and magical experiences with the world.

Outside of writing, she enjoys the precious and trying elements of motherhood, and she loves the outdoors and cooking. Miss Chy hopes her readers enjoy her book and use their creativity to finish the illustrations any way they see fit!

Published: 2021
Page Count: 32