Really, What’S Two Billion Years Among Friends?

By Rick Miller
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Rick Miller PhD observes and explains the geologic movements of continents and ocean basins over the past 180 million years, specifically the region around St. George, Utah. The state of Utah includes numerous state and national parks and monuments. Rick Miller’s knowledge provides a review of geologic history of two billion years that is exposed in and around St. George, focusing on the Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, and Bryce Canyon.

About the Author

Rick Miller received a PhD from UCLA way back in 1975. His field of study involves microfossils called conodonts that are found in rocks exposed in the desert mountains of southeastern California and southern Nevada. His teaching and research career began even earlier in 1970 when he was offered a part time position at what was then San Fernando Valley State College. From there, he progressed to San Diego State University and then moved to St. George, Utah in 2001. Miller has continued to teach for various community education programs at Utah Tech University and explored the amazing geology exposed in that region. This community teaching and exploration of the region were the two main factors behind writing this book. Oh, and he’s had that Chevy truck for over 50 years!

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 300