Really Dying, Trying To Make It (Trenton, New Jersey): Anger Management: A True-Life Boxing Story (A Strange Robbery Of Life)

By Marlon Bennet
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Marlon Bennet knows he is special. When he steps into a boxing ring, he becomes possessed by a power not his own, and he knows Jesus is working through him to accomplish incredible feats. Struggling to survive on low-income jobs and trying to make it through school, however, Marlon wonders if the world will ever learn what Jesus can do through him. No matter what he faces, though, he refuses to give up.

Really Dying, Trying to Make It (Trenton, New Jersey) is the story of one mans struggle in a world in which he feels all odds are against him, a journey in which the ultimate success may be survival.

About the Author

Marlon Bennet wrote this book to show others they should never give up on their passion. Throughout his adult life, Bennet has been a boxer with deep religious convictions who has always felt God is working through him in the ring. He is involved with Bethel Explosion Ministries, and he has a degree in general business. He is a native of Trenton, New Jersey, and after seeing the world and living in other places, he is living there again today.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 42