Realistic Man — Shattered Reflection: Examining A Depressed Poetic Past

By Keith Sudak
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Realistic Man — Shattered Reflection: Examining a Depressed Poetic Past explores a 1977 copyrighted collection of poems and short stories. The writings are the perceived romantic images of youth and a realistic expression of thoughts back then.

Keith Sudak re-examines the written images of decades ago, seeing them with an enlightened understanding of a depressed past. These reflections can help others who struggle with depression and anxiety get control of their life and to clarify a shattered past.

About the Author

Keith Sudak enjoys motorcycling and nature. He also enjoys hanging out with his two adult sons, Jason and Kyle. He is a retired Horticultural Manager living in Michigan with his wife, Cindy Grey.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 60