By David E. Jackson
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Real: a walk with the Holy Spirit is an excursion through my life not accepting God’s works. Then one day CHANGE happened. These words came: Why must the good be made to suffer? Every being on earth is given a cross to bear and how they deal with it, whether they choose to curse it or give praise for it. This has a great bearing come Judgment Day. I demanded this question of God back in 1988 and, finally, in His graces in 2012 His answer was ready to be received by me. Again, I say loudly, “God is Real.”

About the Author

I am a graduate of Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia, and now reside in Alliance, Ohio. For over 32 years, I was a professional photographer and a private pilot. Despite numerous aviation related photo credits in periodicals and air show programs, as well as a few local newspaper articles, my life has not added up to a lot of significance – until I came into the graces of the Lord and had Him guide this Holy work of His. This is the calling I was destined to do by our Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Published: 2018
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