Raul The Roach

By Dr. Strong Struggle
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Raul the Roach is new in town, which isn’t always easy when you are not the same as everyone else! But Raul shows his faith in God: In His eyes, we all have a purpose and are all perfect.

But when Willie the Worm keeps insisting Raul’s different—too different for them to be friends—can Raul the Roach keep his faith and win the heart of others in spite of rejection and ridicule? Perhaps!

About the Author

Dr. Strong Struggle was born in Los Angeles, and prides himself on being a man of many layers and a student of life. His hobbies include reading, cooking, and helping others, especially children and animals.

The author gives all praise and honor to God, who is most gracious and merciful.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 30