Rath Borne

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By:Tyler Hollis

About the Book

Orphaned as an infant, Rath was raised in Izloerith, an icy mountaintop town above the country of Edison. When Rath discovers he holds a power within him, sealed there by persons unknown, he is forced to flee members of the Church of Light who have come to his home to find and destroy him.

The story of Rath Borne follows him as he escapes his pursuers, leaving the adopted family he loves, and entering a new world where he possesses power he must quickly learn to master if he is to survive. Rath searches for those hidden in the realm that sealed away the aura inside him as he explores lands he had not yet ventured. During Rath's journey, he will learn more about his past and his lineage as well as a more fearsome group that will soon learn of his existence. However, with his companions and his aura, he may yet overcome the obstacles that arise as they search for the Seven Sacred Branches.

About the Author

Writing was a hobby until Tyler Hollis took the leap into getting published. He is happily married to his beautiful wife of five years, and they have a handful of a lab named Havoc.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 174