Raped, Rescued, And Redeemed

By Annette Edwards-Lewis
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In this brave and candid book, Annette Edwards-Lewis describes her unbelievably painful childhood and upbringing. Her suffering was unremitting, culminating in yet another rape and unwanted pregnancy. Her only solace lay in her father, and all that saved her was her reliance on Jesus. Looking back, she urges others to fight against the temptations of the flesh and to live holy lives. Her own life is now a testament to the power of Christ; the rewards are great and lasting. Her joy in the Lord shines out throughout this compelling book.

About the Author

Annette Edwards-Lewis is a remarkable woman. Coming from a severely disadvantaged background, she put herself through college and finally attained three degrees. She continues to be a challenging educator and successful businesswoman. She is an entrepreneur and fierce advocate for all children, which led her to develop a foundation for children with special needs. Annette has a true servants heart and such a heart is frequently seen as she teaches and speaks. She is the mother of three daughters and makes her home in South Suburban Chicago.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 116