Ranger: Best Therapy Dog Ever

By Jill Barnes
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Ranger: Best Therapy Dog Ever is about a very special therapy dog. Ranger was a natural. He impacted hundreds of lives, both children and adults. His absolute love of everyone he met was a joy to be a part of. Today, the importance of therapy dogs is well documented, and Ranger was a real dog, not a fictional character. He was unique, from his coming into author Jill Barnes’ life, to their journey together, and even her realization of his therapy gift. In the beginning, he required extra effort on her part but gave back way more to Jill and everyone he met. Readers will enjoy the story and appreciate therapy dogs even more after meeting Ranger.

About the Author

A long time ago, Jill Barnes was told that everyone is good at something. Jill found her gift in walking and caring for dogs. Over the past forty years, she has walked over twenty thousand miles with a dog at her side, regardless of weather. (Well, the labs and collies would be at her side; the huskies and malamute a little further off!) Jill is now retired, living the dream, enjoying life in the Adirondacks. She adventures with her current dogs, Gilda and Nelson.

Published: 2021
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